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Thank you for electronically signing the Canadian International School (CIS) Student Contract/ Supplemental Contract. A soft copy of the signed contract will be sent to you shortly via email. Please retain this copy for your records. Should you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us at read more

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Thank you for viewing the Canadian International School (CIS) Student Contract. Should you wish to resume your session, please access the Canadian International School (CIS) Student Contract via the link provided to you in the original email. Please note that the contract must be signed within 14 days from the contract issuance date to guarantee your child’s placement at CIS. If you need assistance, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at read more


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Information Prospectus Nursery school guide Primary school guide (nursery to grade 6) iPad guide (grades 4-6) Secondary school guide (grades 7-10) Secondary school guide (grades 11 & 12) Secondary profile What is an IB education School uniform price list PE & house league uniform pricelist Required forms (all students) Application process and checklist Representative form Caregiver agreement Caregiver agreement (Chinese & English) Caregiver agreement (Korean & English) Parent ID card request form Pre-admission counselling for international students read more


FAQs Frequently asked questions We understand that navigating a new school can sometimes be a stressful experience. This page has the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. If you would like any other information regarding enrolling your child at CIS, please contact our friendly Admissions Team by submitting our online inquiry form. What are CIS’ school hours? The school day runs from 8:30am to 3:30pm, with half day options for our nursery students. When does the school year start and end? Dates for the 2020/2021 school year are listed below. The printable calendar with key dates can be viewed here. SemesterDateSemester One3 August 2020 - 15 January 2021Semester Two18 January 2021 - 11 June 2021 How many students are there at CIS? There are approximately 3,000 students across both the Lakeside (LKS) and Tanjong Katong (TK) campuses. How many nationalities are represented at CIS? Our student body comes from over 80 nations, and we have no one dominant nationality. We are a school that truly celebrates their internationalism. Does CIS have a waitlist? There is high demand for places at the Canadian International School and waitlists do exist for a number of year groups. For information on the availability of places, please contact our Admissions Executives for further information. It is advisable to apply for a place as early as possible. Does the Canadian International School (CIS) have a Canadian curriculum? The Canadian International School is an International Baccalaureate School. Nursery Inspired by the IB PYP framework, our curriculum focuses on developing children's foundational social, literacy and numeracy skills, as well as their fine and gross motor skills. Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 10 Reflecting our international context, our curriculum draws from the best curricula globally and is delivered within the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) and IB Middle Years (MYP) framework. Grades 11 and 12 The Diploma Programme follows a curriculum set by the IB. This ensures that students globally are studying the same course material and are prepared for examinations at the end of Grade 12. One of the benefits of an IB education is the portability that it brings for our globally mobile community. We have found that our students are able to seamlessly transition to both other IB schools, and back to their national curriculum. Are all teachers at CIS Canadian? Approximately 50% of our teachers are Canadian. They are joined by colleagues from other countries as well (for example: Australia, the UK, Europe, New Zealand and USA). Are all teachers at CIS qualified? Yes, all the teachers at CIS are formally qualified, and have prior teaching experience. Individual profiles of our teachers can be viewed in the staff directory. Are there English Language entry requirements at CIS? CIS English language proficiency requirements vary depending on a student’s grade. A detailed overview of the requirements can be found in the Entry requirements section on this website. Will my child learn another language at CIS? The Canadian International School offers an extensive language programme, meeting a wide range of needs and interests. Our Global Language Programme page outlines what is offered across the grades. CIS also offers an 'After School Language Programme', offering support in both mother tongue maintenance, and language acquisition. Will my child need to bring a computer to school? Students in Grades 4 to 6 must have an iPad, while students in Grades 7 through 12 must have their own MacBook computer at school every day. Students bring their device to school each day, and take it home in the evening. Visit our Digital Literacy page to learn more about our "One to World Programme". Does CIS have a school bus service? Yes, we engage an independent, local school bus operator (Yeap Transport) to provide door-to-door bus transportation for our students. Full details can be found on this page of our website. Does CIS have a school uniform? Yes, we have a school uniform that all students wear. Details can be found on this page of our website. Can my child buy lunch and snacks at school? Sodexo is the school caterer and we have canteens at both campuses. Lunch and snacks are included in the school fees for all Kindergarten students, while students in Grades 1 to 12 can purchase lunch and/or snacks from the canteen, or may bring a packed lunch from home. This document provides more detailed information regarding the canteen. Do I need to pay for textbooks? Most materials for classes are supplied by CIS. There will be some incidental costs that parents incur with equipment needed for class. Please visit the fees section our our website for further details regarding miscellaneous fees. Is there an attendance policy at CIS? Students are expected to attend school at all times unless excused by their parents or caregivers appointed by their parents. The minimum attendance requirement for all students is 90%. Please refer to our Attendance Policy for further details (this policy can also be found in clause 7.8 of the parent handbook). Does CIS have a Parent and Teacher association (PTA)? Yes. All parents and legal guardians with students enrolled at CIS are automatically members of the PTA. There is a PTA at each of our campuses - Lakeside and Tanjong Katong. The school year All courses/grades are yearlong ‘courses’ and follow an academic year which begins in August and ends in June. Our calendar provides details on Semester start dates and scheduled holidays for the respective school year. What is a course? CIS is an international school that offers programmes for students from 2 to approximately 18 years of age. "Courses" at CIS are commonly referred to as grades. Nursery is offered as half day (3 hour) or full day programme. All other grades are offered on a full time basis and students attend school 5 days per week (Monday to Friday). Details including the minimum entry requirements for each grade level, a brief course (grade) write up, and the details of the relevant awarding and/or governing body/bodies can be found in the course write ups below. Grade/Course Year Nursery 2021/2022 (course schedule) IB-PYP - Pre-Kindergarten 2021/2022 (course schedule) IB-PYP - Junior Kindergarten IB-PYP - Senior Kindergarten IB-PYP - Grade 1 IB-PYP - Grade 2 IB-PYP - Grade 3 IB-PYP - Grade 4 IB-PYP - Grade 5 IB-PYP - Grade 6 IB-MYP - Grade 7 2021/2022 (course schedule) IB-MYP - Grade 8 IB-MYP - Grade 9 IB-MYP - Grade 10 IB-DP - Grade 11 2021/2022 (course schedule) IB-DP - Grade 12 CIS Foundation programme 2021/2022 (course schedule) Teacher:student ratio and class sizes The staff:student ratio at CIS is 1:11.5, and all classes are staffed to ensure an optimal learning environment. As in all international school settings, the number of students in a class will fluctuate throughout the academic year - in line with demand and peak periods for admission and withdrawal. In the kindergarten years, teachers are supported by two full-time instructional assistants in nursery and one full-time instructional assistant in pre-kindergarten, junior and senior kindergarten, allowing teachers to focus on each child’s emotional and social well-being. Our bilingual classes (pre-kindergarten to grade 6) have two teachers per class. Students will learn in Chinese one day, and in English the next. In addition to the teacher, each class is supported by an instructional assistant. Tuition fees (course fees) Full details regarding tuition (course /grade level) fees and our refund policy can be found on this page. Is CIS a baby bonus approved institution? Yes, we are an Approved Institution under the Baby Bonus Scheme. Parents of Singaporean children who have a Child Development Account (CDA), can now use funds from that account to pay their child(ren)’s Kindergarten tuition fees. Parents may also use funds from a sibling’s CDA account to pay Kindergarten tuition fees. How do I make payment? Tuition payments from your child’s CDA can only be made via GIRO or NETS. For payment by GIRO you must obtain a CDA Interbank GIRO application from your bank and bring it to the Finance counter in the Main Office. If you wish to pay by NETS, you will have to obtain a Baby Bonus NETS Card from your bank and pay at Finance counter in the Main Office. What information do I have to provide to CIS? The MSF requires Approved Institutions to collect certain information and documentation when tuition fee payments are made via CDA. A list of the information we require from you can be found here. Where can I learn more about the Baby Bonus scheme? More information about the Baby Bonus scheme can be found on the MFS Baby Bonus website. If you have any questions concerning CIS’s procedures for collecting tuition fee payments via CDA, please email our Finance Department. Does CIS appoint recruitment agents to assist students with school applications? CIS has appointed both local and overseas recruitment agents to assist parents with school applications. Agents are appointed/reviewed annually, and monitored on an ongoing basis. If you are an agent and are interested in learning more, please contact A list of the agents currently appointed by CIS can be viewed on this page. read more

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Thank you for viewing the Canadian International School (CIS) Student Contract. The system has indicated that you have elected to execute the contract signing at a later date. Should you wish to resume your session, please access the CIS Student Contract via the link provided to you in the original email. Please note that the contract must be signed within 14 days from the contract issuance date to guarantee your child’s placement at CIS. If you need assistance, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at read more

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Boarding at Oldham Hall

Boarding at Oldham Hall CIS has an arrangement with ACS Oldham Hall in Singapore, a premium local boarding facility. Oldham Hall offers: Accommodation for students 12 years and upA staff to boarder ratio of 1: 12A central location: between Newton and Stevens MRT StationsDoor to door school bus service organised by Oldham Hall A mandatory study period between 7.30 and 9.30pm from Monday - ThursdayOrganised after school and weekend activitiesPastoral care provided by fully-trained residential house masters / mistressesStaff onsite 24-hours per day, and all staff are background checkedGym, swimming pool, pantry, study rooms, and laundry on siteWireless internet  Contact Oldham Hall for any accommodation related inquiries: T: +65 63598108E: marcom@oldhamhall.orgOffice hours are Monday to Friday 9.00am to 6.00pm read more

Age and grade guidelines

Age and grade guidelines At CIS, the holistic nature of our programme sees our students busy learning and interacting with their peers in and out of the classroom.  When students are placed in a grade that aligns with our age and grade boundaries, they are more likely to thrive, as significant differences in age and developmental stages can be challenging for the child and their peers. Grade placement at CIS is according to age. Children must be the age indicated by 31 August in the year of entry. Our minimum age requirements for entry into each grade level are outlined in the table below. table { border-collapse: collapse; width: 100%; } th { background-color: #DA291C; color: #ffffff; } th, td { padding: 8px; text-align: left; border-bottom: 1px solid #ddd; font-size: 18px; } Primary school Secondary school Age Grade level Age Grade level 18 months / 2 years old Nursery1 12 Grade 7 3 Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K)2 13 Grade 8 4 Junior Kindergarten (JK)2 14 Grade 9 5 Senior Kindergarten (SK)2 15 Grade 10 6 Grade 1 16 Grade 113 7 Grade 2 17 Grade 123 8 Grade 3     9 Grade 4     10 Grade 5     11 Grade 6     From August 2021, children who are 18 months old can join the nursery programme, however, they will remain/continue in the nursery programme again the following school year. The age boundary for nursery entry before August 21 is 2 years of age. With the exception of Nursery (where toilet training is included in the programme), children joining our Kindergarten programme must be completely toilet trained.The Diploma Programme is for students aged 16 to 19. Any age exceptions will be subject to the approval of the Secondary School Principal. While these guidelines are an indication of the required age for each grade level, CIS will in exceptional circumstances accept students who are up to one year older than the grade level age. This is subject to approval of the School. An international curriculum Rolling admission We accept students in Kindergarten to Grade 8 throughout the year, although places are subject to vacancy. Entry into grades 9 and 10 is open until the last Monday in February each school year, while entry into grades 11 and 12 (the IB Diploma Programme) is only open to grade 11 students during the first two weeks of the school year. An international curriculum Global grade level comparisons The following table provides a guide to CIS grade placement and how it corresponds to the equivalent grade in a range of national systems across the US, UK, Oceania and Singapore. CIS grade Equivalent grade placement in national systems* North America United Kingdom Australia Singapore Nursery       Nursery 1 Pre-Kindergarten Preschool Nursery Nursery Nursery 2 Junior Kindergarten Pre-Kindergarten Reception Preschool K1 Senior Kindergarten Kindergarten Year 1 Prep K2 Grade 1 Grade 1 Year 2 Year/Grade 1 PRI 1 Grade 2 Grade 2 Year 3 Year/Grade 2 PRI 2 Grade 3 Grade 3 Year 4 Year/Grade 3 PRI 3 Grade 4 Grade 4 Year 5 Year/Grade 4 PRI 4 Grade 5 Grade 5 Year 6 Year/Grade 5 PRI 5 Grade 6 Grade 6 Year 7 Year/Grade 6 PRI 6 Grade 7 Grade 7 Year 8 Year/Grade 7 SEC 1 Grade 8 Grade 8 Year 9 Year/Grade 8 SEC 2 Grade 8 Grade 8 Year 10 Year/Grade 9 SEC 3 Grade 10 Grade 10 Year 11 Year/Grade 10 SEC 4 Grade 11 Grade 11 Year 12 Year/Grade 11 JC/Poly Grade 12 Grade 12 Year 13 Year/Grade 12 JC/Poly *While information may be different in some countries, this table serves as a guide to grades in some national systems/countries. read more

Apply online

Apply Online Apply now Thank you for considering a CIS education for your child. It takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete the online application. As you will need to enter your child’s passport details, it is advisable that you have this document at hand. If you need assistance or have questions about our application process, please contact us at +65 6734 8088 or Confidentiality Policy Data & information collected will be treated as confidential and is for official use by the school only. Unless requested by government agencies, written permission will be obtained from you if the data is used for purposes beyond the original intent. read more

Application process

Application process The application process begins with the submission of an application form, payment of the application fee, and submission of supporting documents. Our entry requirements page outlines what you need to know before submitting an application. Step 1 Complete the application form Applications can be submitted online. All applications must be accompanied by the compulsory non-refundable application fee of S$2,500.00. Step 2 Submit the supporting documents to our Admissions Department The following documents, which must all be original versions, should be sent to our Admissions Department after you submit your application. The last 3 years of transcripts, school reports, testimonials and recommendations*.Photocopy of all relevant psycho educational or special education evaluation reports* (if applicable).3 passport size photographs (electronic JPEG format is acceptable).Photocopies of:student's passport(s).student's birth certificate*.student’s immunisation records*. Diphtheria and Measles immunisation is compulsory by law in Singapore.Each parent’s passport and/or each legal guardian’s passport (where applicable) Original deed, will or court order to indicate guardianship/custody* (if applicable).Fully completed representative’s form (if applicable).Fully completed caregiver agreement (if applicable) and a photocopy of caregiver’s passport. *These documents must be supplied in English. If documents are not in English, parents will need to provide official translated copies. Translations must be carried out by a Notary Public, a Translation Agency or your own National Embassy. Acceptance to CIS will be based on a comprehensive review of all requested documentation. This may include, but is not limited to: • Consideration of a student’s age and/or the most recent grade level completed. • Review of prior school reports. • Student profile considerations including behaviour, social skills, work ethic, attitude, English proficiency level and additional learning support needs, if any, required by the student at the current school. CIS may need to conduct assessments, and/or contact teachers at the student’s current school. Upon completion of the review process, CIS reserves the right to decline an application regardless of whether the applicable documentation and payment of the application fee is complete or not. Step 3 Sign the student contract upon acceptance of a place at CIS The CIS student contract must be signed by both parties within 14 days from the issue date of the contract to confirm a student’s enrolment. The Student Contract is a legal document that protects and assures the rights and conditions of the Student whilst enrolled at a Private Education Institution (PEI), in this case, the Canadian International School (CIS). Why do I need to sign a student contract? It is a legal requirement that all Students must enter into the Student Contract. The Student Contract is a critical document that helps to minimise future disputes, therefore, it is essential that it be completely understood by the Student (parents/legal guardians where a student is younger than 18 years of age) prior to enrolment. This video walks you through the contract, and this FAQ document answers a number of commonly asked questions. CIS 2021/2022 Student ContractCIS 2020/2021 Student Contract Terms and conditions In addition to the student contract, all families who apply to CIS need to read and agree to the CIS Standard Terms and Conditions. Please note that you will receive a copy of the Terms and Conditions via email - you do not need to print and sign the following PDF document. CIS 2021/2022 Terms and ConditionsCIS 2020/2021 Terms and Conditions Supplemental Contract Once the student contract has been signed, a simpler supplemental contract must be signed on an annual basis. Supplemental student contracts for existing students who have already signed the original student contract must be signed by March each school year. If the supplemental contract is not signed by the necessary deadline, a student’s enrolment for the following school year will not be confirmed. If you have any queries regarding the CIS Student Contract, our Terms and Conditions, or the Supplemental contract, please contact our Admissions team at Step 4 Pay the confirmation fee An invoice will be issued for the confirmation fee after the student contract is signed. This fee must be paid and received by the School by the due date indicated on the invoice. Should this not happen, both the place offered and the student contract will lapse. Step 5 Submit final documentation before school starts Students may start school as soon as all of these documents have been submitted to the Admissions Department: Photocopy of student’s Dependant’s Pass, Student Pass or NRIC* (Singaporean and Permanent Residents only)**Photocopy of each parent’s/legal guardian’s Employment Pass, Dependant’s Pass and/or NRIC* (Singaporean and Permanent Residents only)**Student Medical Form. *For Permanent Residents (PRs) please provide a copy of the re-entry permit indicating the PR number and the re-entry permit expiry date **Whichever is applicable read more


Fees Fees and financial information Annual fees consist of tuition fees, and if applicable, support programme or miscellaneous fees. CIS does not charge any ongoing building and development fees or levies. Goods and Services Tax All fees quoted are in Singapore Dollars (S$) and are inclusive of 7% Goods and Services Tax where applicable. In the event of GST changes, all fees will be recalculated to reflect the said change. Application fee A non-refundable application fee of S$2,500.00 must accompany all applications. In the event the application fee is not paid, the application will be rejected. Students who leave CIS and wish to return at any point in the future must submit a new application. Please see the policy regarding returning students for more information. Confirmation fee First Child S$4,000.00  Second Child S$3,300.00  The confirmation fee is waived for the third and any subsequent children. 2021/2022 tuition fees - Lakeside campus Lakeside Campus tuition fees (English programme) Per semesterAnnual fees Nursery half day programmeS$8,400.00 S$16,800.00 Nursery full day programmeS$12,250.00 S$24,500.00 Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 3S$16,350.00 S$32,700.00 Grades 4 to 6S$18,250.00 S$36,500.00 Grades 7 to 10S$20,350.00 S$40,700.00 Grades 11 to 12S$20,850.00 S$41,700.00  Lakeside Campus tuition fees(Chinese-English bilingual programme)Per semesterAnnual fees Pre-KindergartenS$16,790.00S$33,580.00Junior Kindergarten to Senior KindergartenS$17,040.00S$34,080.00Grade 1S$17,290.00S$34,580.00Grades 2 and 3S$18,100.00S$36,200.00Grades 4 to 6S$20,000.00S$40,000.00 Lakeside Campus tuition fees (French-English bilingual programme)Per semesterAnnual fees Grades 1 to 3S$16,350.00S$32,700.00Grade 4 to 5S$18,250.00S$36,500.00 Lakeside Campus tuition fees (CIS Foundation programme)Every six months   Annual feesStudents aged 10 to 14 S$19,750.00S$39,500.00  2020/2021 tuition fees - Lakeside campus Lakeside Campus tuition fees (English programme) Per semesterAnnual fees Nursery half day programmeS$8,250.00S$16,500.00Nursery full day programmeS$12,000.00S$24,000.00Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 3S$16,050.00S$32,100.00Grades 4 to 6S$17,900.00S$35,800.00Grades 7 to 10S$19,950.00S$39,900.00Grades 11 to 12S$20,450.00S$40,900.00 Lakeside Campus tuition fees(Chinese-English bilingual programme)Per semesterAnnual fees Pre-KindergartenS$16,300.00S$32,600.00Junior Kindergarten to Senior KindergartenS$16,550.00S$33,100.00Grade 1S$16,800.00S$33,600.00Grades 2 and 3S$17,550.00S$35,100.00Grades 4 to 6S$19,400.00S$38,800.00 Lakeside Campus tuition fees (French-English bilingual programme)Per semesterAnnual fees Grades 2 to 3S$16,050.00S$32,100.00Grade 4S$17,900.00S$35,800.00 Lakeside Campus tuition fees (CIS Foundation programme)Every six months   Annual feesStudents aged 10 to 14 S$18,275.00S$36,550.00  2021/2022 tuition fees - Tanjong Katong campus Tanjong Katong Campus tuition fees (English programme) Per semester      Annual fees Nursery half day programmeS$8,150.00S$16,300.00Nursery full day programmeS$11,850.00S$23,700.00Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 3S$15,950.00 S$31,900.00 Grades 4 to 6S$17,800.00S$35,600.00 Tanjong Katong Campus Tuition Fees  (Chinese-English bilingual programme)Per SemesterAnnual Fees Pre-Kindergarten (full day only) S$16,400.00S$32,800.00Junior Kindergarten to Senior KindergartenS$16,590.00S$33,180.00Grade 1S$16,840.00S$33,680.00Grades 2 and 3S$17,700.00S$35,400.00Grades 4 to 6S$19,550.00S$39,100.00 2020/2021 tuition fees - Tanjong Katong campus Tanjong Katong Campus tuition fees (English programme) Per semester      Annual fees Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 3S$15,635.00S$31,270.00Grades 4 to 6S$17,475.00S$34,950.00 Tanjong Katong Campus Tuition Fees  (Chinese-English bilingual programme)Per SemesterAnnual Fees Junior Kindergarten to Senior KindergartenS$16,135.00S$32,270.00Grade 1S$16,385.00S$32,770.00Grades 2 and 3S$17,135.00S$34,270.00Grades 4 to 6S$18,975.00S$37,950.00 Support programme fees Support Programme Fees, where applicable, are invoiced separately, and are payable by the date outlined on your invoice. Refunds, if any, are subject to CIS’s Refund Policy. Support Programmes Per semester Annual fees English Language Learners (ELL): Senior Kindergarten  S$1,500.00 S$3,000.00 English Language Learners (ELL) S$3,000.00 S$6,000.00 Learning Support (LS) S$3,000.00 S$6,000.00 Sibling discounts Third child  10% Fourth child onwards 15% The sibling discount scheme is designed for families who have three or more children attending CIS. Discounts are applied to tuition fees only, from the third child onwards. For example, if there are 3 children at CIS in the family, the youngest child will receive the discount on the tuition fees. Sibling discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts or bursaries. Payment of fees All fees must be paid before the commencement of each semester by the date outlined on your invoice. Refunds, if any, are subject to CIS’s Refund Policy. Payment modes are cash, nets, bank transfer or credit card. Please include your invoice number on all cheques or money deposited into CIS's bank account. If deposits do not include this detail, there will be delays in the money being offset against your account.  Bank details By telegraphic transfer/wire Account name: Canadian International School Pte Ltd Bank name: Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited Bank code: 7339 Branch code: 712 Account number: 712429604001 Swift code: OCBCSGSG Branch address: 63 Chulia Street #10-00, OCBC Centre East, Singapore 049514 Account type: Current Account Please note that all remittance fees and charges must be borne by the payer. Your invoice number serves as the bank transfer/wire reference number. By cheque Cheques in Singapore dollars, must be made payable to “Canadian International School Pte Ltd” and delivered to finance at Lakeside Campus only. Please indicate invoice number on the back of the cheque. By cash/nets Cash or nets payments, in Singapore dollars are accepted. Payments can be made at the Finance counter in main reception during office hours. CIS may limit the amount acceptable for cash/nets payments. By credit / debit card Credit/debit card payments can be made via independent third party provider CardUp at charges processing fees for all payments. Please refer to for details. By PayNow (participating Singapore based banks only) Log in to your bank’s internet banking platform or mobile banking app Select the option to make a transfer > and select PayNow At the PayNow transfer screen, enter this code (UEN) 199002243HDBS Verify the name of the recipient (Canadian International School) Enter the amount to be transferred Enter your CIS invoice number into the description/reference field Submit and confirm to make payment By QR Code (participating Singapore based banks only) Log in to your bank’s mobile banking app Scan the QR-code below Verify the name of the recipient (Canadian International School) Enter the amount to be transferred Enter your CIS invoice number into the description/reference field Submit and confirm to make payment Please contact our Finance Department at +65 6467 1732 for further information. Late payment charges CIS will impose a late payment fees and/or interest on late payment of 1% per month or part there of on any fee payments that are not received by the due date that is indicated on the invoice. CIS considers payment made 1 day after the invoice due date(s) as late. Pro-rating of fees New students commencing classes midway through a semester may have their Tuition Fees and Support Programme Fees (if applicable) prorated by month. This means that new students commencing classes midmonth are required to pay tuition fees and support programme fees (if applicable) for the entire month including vacation periods. The pro-rated Tuition Fees and Support Programme Fees payable for each month of the School Year vary from month to month based on the fees to be consumed. The Fees payable for midway entry can be requested from CIS. Miscellaneous fees Save for Physical Education uniforms and IB DP fieldwork expenses (if applicable), the following are non-mandatory miscellaneous expenses, which may be required for successful participation in each grade. The list of miscellaneous expenses set out below is an estimate and does not purport to be comprehensive or exhaustive. Miscellaneous fees once paid are non refundable. Item Price range Field work / Excursion Week ** Depending on the arrangement, geographic location and other factors as specified by the requirements of the course. Fieldwork Excursion Week are part of the Outdoor Excursion Programme. Participating Students will be informed of the costs no more than three (3) months before the commencement of the respective activity. S$1.00 to S$5,000.00* Additional yearbook copies (First copy is provided free of charge to students) S$50.00 each plus postage Copies of transcripts for existing students (excludes postage) S$5.00 each Postage (for yearbooks, transcripts, etc.) S$0.30 to S$200.00 (depending on geographic location) Hats and caps S$18.00 each Physical Education uniform (view pricelist here) S$15.00 to S$400.00 Replacement ID cards (parents and students) S$20.00 each Replacement or additional lanyard/card holders (parents and students) S$5.00 each Lost or damaged textbooks or library books (initial copies of textbooks are provided free of charge) Price will depend on book value  Replacement costs for loss or damage of school equipment/device on loan Charges will depend  on the age of the device and its replacement availability in the market. CIS will charge a replacement cost up to its purchase price. If a device is no longer available in the market, the book value of the device will be charged. For a fully depreciated device, or book value less than 15% of purchase price, a 15% of the purchase value will be charged. Activities - fees for goods used/services provided, attire, etc. Note: Enrolment in activities is not compulsory. S$2.00 to S$3,000.00 Stationery, bags, clear folders, consumables and materials S$0.50 to S$100.00 Photocopying/Printing Free for the first 5 pages* and then S$0.10 a page (A4 non-color) or S$0.20 a page (A4 color) *A3 is equivalent to two A4 page Locks (for lockers) S$15.00 each Bank charges All bank charges incurred as a result of and/or in connection with Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or GIRO and returned cheques or transfers shall be borne by the payer. Examination, testing and marking fees S$1.00 to S$2,000.00 Online or external provided courses Price will depend on course selection *Miscellaneous fees refer to the fees which the students shall pay when applicable. Such fees are normally connected by CIS when the need arises. The figures set out in the table are estimates only and students will be advised of the actual amounts in the invoice/statement/receipt issued by CIS. Downloads Fee schedule 2021/2022 Fee schedule 2020/2021 Refund policy Payment Modes Fee protection scheme Master FPS insurance certificate Medical insurance information read more