At CIS, we celebrate both our internationalism and the uniqueness of the 70 plus nationalities represented among our students and staff.
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In partnership with parents, we strive to equip our students with 21st century skills - skills that will enable them to thrive, exercise leadership, achieve ambitious and worthy goals.
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Two locations. Two connected communities.
We have two campuses in Singapore. Lakeside in the west (for students aged 2 to 18) and Tanjong Katong in the east (for students aged 2 to 12).
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74 Nationalities
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North America 23.13% South America 5.11% Europe 12.30% Africa 0.61% Asia 53.79% Oceania 5.04%

CIS Chinese - English Bilingual Programme

CIS’ Bilingual Programme has revolutionised the way children learn to speak, read and write in Chinese. As students learn to write in Chinese, they associate each Chinese brush stroke with a person or action they relate to - the David Beckham connection - quickly developing a deeper understanding, connection and love for their new language.

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Read more Innovative Designers Camp a roaring success! By Egmond Boon, Head of Digital Literacy and STEAM In January, more than 70 students in grades 4 to 10 participated in the Innovative Designers Camp. In this 2-day camp, students learnt to problem-solve by being creative, applying design thinking, and adopting an integrated STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) approach. Read more Motivating TK boys in reading By Nadine Bailey, TK Teacher Librarian International research tells us that boys are lagging behind girls in literacy. Yet literacy is the highest predictor of academic success in school. Often boys resist efforts by teachers and parents to get them to read because they prefer to play or to participate in sports. Read more Movember movement at CIS By CIS Communications Did you remember noticing that some CIS teachers and staff looked different in November? Perhaps you saw the beginning of a moustache on Ryan Sayer, Michael Black and Shane Armstrong? They were among 5 million Movember participants across the world growing moustaches to bring awareness to men’s health. Read more Outdoor learning at a wet market By Jill Rivers, Grade 2 teacher Grade 2-1 had a wonderful learning opportunity at the wet market near school in November. By walking over to a local market community, they got to witness how day-to-day trade works and see first-hand the importance of economics, persuasion, advertisements, arrangement of displays, needs and wants and the value of money.