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At CIS, we recognise and value every student from Nursery to Grade 12 as an individual. We believe that each student’s personality, contribution and unique sense of perspective brings a richness to our school community that benefits us all. Demonstrating our core values, our students act with integrity, generosity and curiosity, as they challenge themselves to reach intellectual and personal excellence.

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Working together with people from other backgrounds and cultures is an integral part of life at CIS. With approximately 3,100 students from over 70 nations, we celebrate both our diversity and our connectedness. We cultivate a warm and collaborative environment because we believe it builds community and brings people together to make exciting things happen. In this environment, we get the best out of everyone.

Schoolwide, our students are engaged in activities that develop a love of learning, and build skills that will serve them well in a changing future. We are proud to have high achieving intellectuals, athletes and artists in our student body, as well as those committed to making a positive impact on the world. We can rely on our students to turn thought into meaningful action. As they experience success, their confidence will grow, as will their resilience as they turn failures into opportunities.



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