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At CIS, we value our community’s linguistic diversity and are committed to promoting multilingualism. Our students come from over 74 nations, and our language offerings are designed to help them develop an understanding of other cultures as well as to develop proficiency in an additional language.

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With the exception of our Pre-Kindergarten English and Chinese immersion programmes, our kindergarten to primary Chinese-English and French bilingual programmes, our academic programme is primarily delivered in English. We also support students whose first language is not English through our English Language Learner programme, and to develop skills in their mother tongue wherever possible.

Daily language lessons start in Junior Kindergarten, and students are placed in classes according to their linguistic ability and are taught by highly experienced language teachers. As students move into Secondary School and Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP), language classes may be scheduled in double period blocks (learning will equal five periods per week), which allows for a more focused approach to academic content.

*From August 2020, the pre-kindergarten immersion programme will change. Students will select either the Chinese-English bilingual programme (offered at Lakeside only) or the English programme (offered at both Lakeside and Tanjong Katong). 


Language pathways at CIS

Grades 11-12 Language and Literature or Literature 6 Language acquisition: Chinese, French, Spanish, English  7 School Supported Self Taught Language 6  
Grades 7-10 MYP Language and Literature English or Chinese 5 Language acquisition: Chinese, French or Spanish  After school languages (via the activities programme) 8
Grades 1-6 Chinese-English bilingual programme / French-English bilingual programme 3 Language Acquisition: Chinese, French or Spanish 4
Junior & Senior Kindergarten Chinese-English bilingual programme 2 Language Acquisition: Chinese or French  
Pre - Kindergarten English or Chinese Immersion 1& 2  


  1. Morning homeroom classes are conducted entirely in either English or Chinese. From August 2020, students will select either the Chinese-English bilingual programme (Lakeside only) or the English programme (both Lakeside and TK). 
  2. Equal exposure to both languages and fully aligned with the PYP. Entry requirements apply and classes are subject to enrolment.
  3. French-English bilingual is offered in grades 1 to 3 at the Lakeside campus only. The programme will be offered in grade 4 from August 2020 subject to enrolment.
  4. Spanish is offered at Lakeside Campus only. Classes are subject to enrolment.
  5. Chinese classes are subject to enrolment.
  6. Language & Literature classes are offered in English, Chinese, Japanese and French, while Literature is only offered in English only. Over 55 IB approved self-taught languages are offered in the diploma programme - students in self-taught are supported by a CIS teacher/tutor in their study and will be eligible to graduate with a bilingual IB diploma.
  7. SL, HL and ab initio Chinese, French, Spanish and English are offered based on demand. 
  8. A wide range of languages are on offer to students of varying proficiency levels. Classes incur an additional fee and taught by external providers. Our admissions team can provide further details on what is on offer.




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