Goods and Services Tax

All fees quoted are in Singapore Dollars (S$) and are inclusive of 7% Goods and Services Tax where applicable. In the event of GST changes, all fees will be recalculated to reflect the said change.

Application fee

A non-refundable application fee of S$2,500.00 must accompany all applications. In the event the application fee is not paid, the application will be rejected.

Students who leave CIS and wish to return at any point in the future must submit a new application. Please see the policy regarding returning students for more information.

Confirmation fee
First Child S$4,000.00
Second Child S$3,300.00

The confirmation fee is waived for the third and any subsequent children.

2021/2022 tuition fees - Lakeside campus
Lakeside Campus tuition fees
(English programme)
Per semesterAnnual fees
Nursery half day programmeS$8,400.00 S$16,800.00
Nursery full day programmeS$12,250.00 S$24,500.00
Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 3S$16,350.00 S$32,700.00
Grades 4 to 6S$18,250.00 S$36,500.00
Grades 7 to 10S$20,350.00 S$40,700.00
Grades 11 to 12S$20,850.00 S$41,700.00
Lakeside Campus tuition fees
(Chinese-English bilingual programme)
Per semesterAnnual fees
Junior Kindergarten to Senior KindergartenS$17,040.00S$34,080.00
Grade 1S$17,290.00
Grades 2 and 3S$18,100.00S$36,200.00
Grades 4 to 6S$20,000.00S$40,000.00
Lakeside Campus tuition fees
(French-English bilingual programme)
Per semesterAnnual fees
Grades 1 to 3S$16,350.00S$32,700.00
Grade 4 to 5S$18,250.00S$36,500.00
Lakeside Campus tuition fees
(CIS Foundation programme)
Every six months Annual fees
Students aged 10 to 14 S$19,750.00S$39,500.00
2021/2022 tuition fees - Tanjong Katong campus
Tanjong Katong Campus tuition fees
(English programme)
Per semester Annual fees
Nursery half day programmeS$8,150.00S$16,300.00
Nursery full day programmeS$11,850.00S$23,700.00
Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 3S$15,950.00 S$31,900.00
Grades 4 to 6S$17,800.00S$35,600.00
Tanjong Katong Campus Tuition Fees
(Chinese-English bilingual programme)
Per SemesterAnnual Fees
Pre-Kindergarten (full day only) S$16,400.00S$32,800.00
Junior Kindergarten to Senior KindergartenS$16,590.00S$33,180.00
Grade 1S$16,840.00S$33,680.00
Grades 2 and 3S$17,700.00S$35,400.00
Grades 4 to 6S$19,550.00S$39,100.00
Support programme fees

Support Programme Fees, where applicable, are invoiced separately, and are payable by the date outlined on your invoice. Refunds, if any, are subject to CIS’s Refund Policy.

Support Programmes Per semester Annual fees
English Language Learners (ELL): Senior Kindergarten S$1,500.00 S$3,000.00
English Language Learners (ELL) S$3,000.00 S$6,000.00
Learning Support (LS) S$3,000.00 S$6,000.00
Sibling discounts
Third child 10%
Fourth child onwards 15%

The sibling discount scheme is designed for families who have three or more children attending CIS. Discounts are applied to tuition fees only, from the third child onwards. For example, if there are 3 children at CIS in the family, the youngest child will receive the discount on the tuition fees. Sibling discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts or bursaries.

Payment of fees

All fees must be paid before the commencement of each semester by the date outlined on your invoice. Refunds, if any, are subject to CIS’s Refund Policy.

Payment modes are cash, nets, bank transfer or credit card. Please include your invoice number on all cheques or money deposited into CIS's bank account. If deposits do not include this detail, there will be delays in the money being offset against your account.

Bank details

By telegraphic transfer/wire
Account name: Canadian International School Pte Ltd
Bank name: Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited
Bank code: 7339
Branch code: 712
Account number: 712429604001
Swift code: OCBCSGSG
Branch address: 63 Chulia Street #10-00, OCBC Centre East, Singapore 049514
Account type: Current Account

Please note that all remittance fees and charges must be borne by the payer. Your invoice number serves as the bank transfer/wire reference number.

By cheque

Cheques in Singapore dollars, must be made payable to “Canadian International School Pte Ltd” and delivered to finance at Lakeside Campus only. Please indicate invoice number on the back of the cheque.

By cash/nets

Cash or nets payments, in Singapore dollars are accepted. Payments can be made at the Finance counter in main reception during office hours. CIS may limit the amount acceptable for cash/nets payments.

By credit / debit card

Credit/debit card payments can be made via independent third party provider CardUp at
CardUp charges processing fees for all payments. Please refer to for details.

By PayNow (participating Singapore based banks only)

  1. Log in to your bank’s internet banking platform or mobile banking app
  2. Select the option to make a transfer > and select PayNow
  3. At the PayNow transfer screen, enter this code (UEN) 199002243HDBS
  4. Verify the name of the recipient (Canadian International School)
  5. Enter the amount to be transferred
  6. Enter your CIS invoice number into the description/reference field
  7. Submit and confirm to make payment

By QR Code (participating Singapore based banks only)

  1. Log in to your bank’s mobile banking app
  2. Scan the QR-code below
  1. Verify the name of the recipient (Canadian International School)
  2. Enter the amount to be transferred
  3. Enter your CIS invoice number into the description/reference field
  4. Submit and confirm to make payment

Please contact our Finance Department at +65 6467 1732 for further information.

Late payment charges

CIS will impose a late payment fees and/or interest on late payment of 1% per month or part there of on any fee payments that are not received by the due date that is indicated on the invoice. CIS considers payment made 1 day after the invoice due date(s) as late.

Pro-rating of fees

New students commencing classes midway through a semester may have their Tuition Fees and Support Programme Fees (if applicable) prorated by month. This means that new students commencing classes midmonth are required to pay tuition fees and support programme fees (if applicable) for the entire month including vacation periods. The pro-rated Tuition Fees and Support Programme Fees payable for each month of the School Year vary from month to month based on the fees to be consumed. The Fees payable for midway entry can be requested from CIS.

Miscellaneous fees

Save for Physical Education uniforms and IB DP fieldwork expenses (if applicable), the following are non-mandatory miscellaneous expenses, which may be required for successful participation in each grade. The list of miscellaneous expenses set out below is an estimate and does not purport to be comprehensive or exhaustive. Miscellaneous fees once paid are non refundable.

Item Price range
Field work / Excursion Week *

* Depending on the arrangement, geographic location and other factors as specified by the requirements of the course. Fieldwork Excursion Week are part of the Outdoor Excursion Programme. Participating Students will be informed of the costs no more than three (3) months before the commencement of the respective activity.
S$1.00 to S$5,000.00*
Additional yearbook copies (First copy is provided free of charge to students) S$50.00 each plus postage
Copies of transcripts for existing students (excludes postage) S$5.00 each
Postage (for yearbooks, transcripts, etc.) S$0.30 to S$200.00 (depending on geographic location)
Hats and caps S$18.00 each
Physical Education uniform (view pricelist here) S$15.00 to S$400.00
Replacement ID cards (parents and students) S$20.00 each
Replacement or additional lanyard/card holders (parents and students) S$5.00 each
Lost or damaged textbooks or library books (initial copies of textbooks are provided free of charge) Price will depend on book value
Replacement costs for loss or damage of school equipment/device on loan Charges will depend on the age of the device and its replacement availability in the market. CIS will charge a replacement cost up to its purchase price. If a device is no longer available in the market, the book value of the device will be charged. For a fully depreciated device, or book value less than 15% of purchase price, a 15% of the purchase value will be charged.
Activities - fees for goods used/services provided, attire, etc. Note: Enrolment in activities is not compulsory. S$2.00 to S$3,000.00
Stationery, bags, clear folders, consumables and materials S$0.50 to S$100.00
Photocopying/Printing Free for the first 5 pages* and then S$0.10 a page (A4 non-color) or S$0.20 a page (A4 color) *A3 is equivalent to two A4 page
Locks (for lockers) S$15.00 each
Bank charges All bank charges incurred as a result of and/or in connection with Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or GIRO and returned cheques or transfers shall be borne by the payer.
Examination, testing and marking fees S$1.00 to S$2,000.00
Online or external provided courses Price will depend on course selection

*Miscellaneous fees refer to the fees which the students shall pay when applicable. Such fees are normally connected by CIS when the need arises. The figures set out in the table are estimates only and students will be advised of the actual amounts in the invoice/statement/receipt issued by CIS.

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