Class of 2022
IB diploma results

While we celebrate our Class of 2022 IB diploma results, our students are much more than the mere sum of their IB scores. They are emerging scientists, artists, researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs. Their time with us was a remarkably productive and rewarding partnership. We look forward to seeing where their next set of challenges and opportunities will take them.

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Academic results
Average points
out of a possible 45

Pass rate

2 students
receive a score of 45

4 students
receive a score of 44

9 students
receive a score of 43

of students scored 40+
of students scored 38+
of students scored 35+

Bilingual diplomas

Secondary school
honour roll

Secondary academic awards honour a student’s academic achievement and their commitment to progress both academically and in their approaches to learning (ATL’s). The criteria for academic awards can be viewed here.

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May 2022 Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) results

While student progress is tracked and documented using a range of different assessments, CIS uses Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), developed by Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA), as an externally referenced assessment tool to benchmark learning growth.

MAP provides comprehensive data on student achievement and growth, over time, in Reading and Mathematics. Achievement in MAP is indicated by a RIT score, and it is expected that RIT scores will increase over time. The graphs below show how our student community from senior kindergarten (SK) to grade 10 have performed in the final May 2022 MAP tests.

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Here is how our senior kindergarten to grade 6 and grades 7 to 10 students May 2022 MAP maths results compared to the NWEA norm and the international school mean.



Here is how our senior kindergarten to grade 6 and grades 7 to 10 students May 2022 MAP reading results compared to the NWEA norm and the international school mean.

2021/2022 Youth Chinese Test Results

The Youth Chinese Test (YCT) is one conducted by CRESTAR in Singapore. At CIS, students in the Chinese-English bilingual programme and grades 2 to 10 Chinese language acquisition programme take part.

Over the last five years, CIS students have outperformed all other students in Singapore in the Youth Chinese Test (YCT), demonstrate the overall high quality of our programme.

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加拿大国际学校 YCT成绩统计 2021 YCT Result Analysis of Canadian International School 2021

  合格率 Passing Rate
级别 Level 加拿大国际学校学生
Canadian International School's Candidates
All YCT 2021 International School's candidates in Singapore
全新加坡2021年 YCT考生
All YCT 2021 candidates in Singapore
一级 Level 1 99.14% 97.84% 97.84%
二级 Level 2 96.57% 92.75% 93.56%
三级 Level 3 97.81% 95.69% 95.92%
四级 Level 4 87.79% 73.23% 74.53%
五级 Level 5 65.36% 60.00% 60.00%


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