Our commitment

Circles 2

Belief & Knowledge

We believe in honouring the dignity of every individual, while building and maintaining a diverse community that creates a sense of belonging for every individual.

We know that equitable and transparent practices help facilitate trust, connection and justice, all necessary for creating a unified community.

Promise / Commitment

We commit to ensuring that all members of our community are seen, heard and valued.

Action / Practice

By facilitating and modelling collaboration, connection and involvement, we aim to make our community grow stronger, in which everyone -students, staff, parents alike- feels supported, appreciated, empowered, comfortable and challenged and where there are opportunities to form positive connections.

By committing to ongoing growth and reflection, we strive to develop and practise empathy to broaden and increase inclusivity even when this may not feel comfortable.

We will create and maintain respectful and open conversations at all levels and times.