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Welcome, my name is Pete Corcoran and I am the Head of School at CIS, the Canadian International School in Singapore.

At CIS, we’re very proud of all our purpose built campus has to offer, from the range and rigour of our academic programmes to the incredible diversity of services and support provided.

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Our curriculum is not exclusively Canadian - it draws from the best curricular globally, and is organised within the framework of the highly regarded International Baccalaureate programme.

However, what truly sets us apart from all others is the outstanding quality of our instructional staff. Our teachers encourage curiosity, foster creativity and inspire the pursuit of excellence in ways that truly define what a world-class education should be. And, in doing so, our students gain the competitive edge so necessary for them to take their place at the very best colleges and universities in the world.

At CIS, we’ve created and celebrate a remarkably caring and connected community of learners from Nursery all the way through to Grade 12. Visit our classrooms and you’ll observe high levels of collaboration, academic engagement and expectations for success that are the hallmarks of instructional excellence.

Our academically rigorous programme course work is complemented by a broad range of language, arts, athletic and service learning to ensure our offerings are enriched, holistic and fully balanced. And the excitement of learning is not simply confined to the school day. It continues after school as students engage in extracurricular activities, sports, clubs, volunteer initiatives, and trips and excursions. These activities link our classrooms to the outside world and connect learning to action in truly meaningful ways.

I encourage you to visit us in person. Walk through our halls and talk with our students and you will begin to appreciate their unique insights, talents and perspectives. You’ll be impressed by their respect and generosity as well as their intellectual curiosity about this world that they’ll one day help to shape and to lead.

I look forward to seeing you.


Peter Corcoran
Head of School

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