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CIS Kindergarten
Discovery Day

  Friday 10 November 2023

Join us in our Outdoor Discovery Centre for a fun and engaging hands-on morning designed specifically for Kindergarten children (and parents). Try the activities and gain insight into how your child will learn and develop their curiosity.

4 fun teacher-led activity stations:

  • Numeracy - explore shape, volume and sequencing - important pre-maths skills that set the foundation for future mathematicians
  • Literacy - engaging multi-sensory activities that help your child learn key pre-writing and pre-reading skills
  • STEAM - explore this interdisciplinary approach and see how your child creatively problem solves
  • Arts - get creative and see how your child’s fine motor, language and collaboration skills will be developed

“Research shows young children learn best through play. Purposeful play and inquiry-based learning engage children and trigger their curiosity, allowing them to hone their critical thinking skills, excel at collaborative work and be able to solve problems creatively”.

Angela Speirs, CIS Kindergarten Principal

What makes CIS more attractive than other schools of the same standard are little extras – the concept of making things more personal, good communication between parents and the teachers, the facilities in the new Kindergarten wing, the innovative and caring spirit of the management and, of course, the overall good feeling the school gives us.

Soos family (Hungarian), CIS parents since 2021

What families are saying

CIS offers world-class learning facilities, an outstanding Primary Years Programme, a pedagogical approach to learning and teaching including inquiry and play-based learning … delivered by highly qualified and experienced professionals.

Dr Robyn Anderson, James Cook University

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