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6 benefits

of choosing a bilingual programme for your children

Linguistic and cognitive development

Linguistic and cognitive development

Research has shown that the brain of bilingual children has many cognitive enhancements. This translates to enhanced spelling and grammar skills, a faster understanding of the concept of numbers, more creative thinking, and reading at a higher level.

Linguistic and cognitive development

Self-confident learners

Unlike teenagers and adults, young children are often very willing and eager to try out new words and phrases as they don’t have any concerns about getting things wrong and making embarrassing mistakes, which boosts their confidence and nips fear of public speaking in the bud.

Linguistic and cognitive development

An enhanced social life

Being able to express themselves in more than one language allows children to better socialise and meet new friends. Further to that, they learn about a new culture, traditions, and arts, expanding and opening their minds.

Linguistic and cognitive development

Mastering two languages from the start

Introducing a second language as soon as kindergarten allows children to start learning and practising at the same time as their mother tongue. At CIS, for example, all subjects in their Chinese-English bilingual programme, are taught in each language by native speaking teachers.

Linguistic and cognitive development

Playful learning

As they start the programme in Kindergarten, what matters to young learners is to have fun. Hence, they experience playful, frustration-free learning, through engaging activities like singing songs and playing games.

Linguistic and cognitive development

Starting their career off on the right foot

Bilingualism is a highly sought-after quality. Applicants who master more than one language have an upper hand on their competitors, especially in the trending sectors of tourism, communications and marketing, banking, and law.

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CIS's bilingual Chinese-English programme is available for students in Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6.

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