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At CIS, we celebrate both our internationalism and the uniqueness of the 74 plus nationalities represented among our students and staff.
Kindergarten (2-5 years) Primary School (6-11 years) Secondary School (12-18 years)
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In partnership with parents, we strive to equip our students with 21st century skills - skills that will enable them to thrive, exercise leadership, achieve ambitious and worthy goals.
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Two locations. Two connected communities.
We have two campuses in Singapore. Lakeside in the west (for students aged 2 to 18) and Tanjong Katong in the east (for students aged 2 to 12).
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74 Nationalities
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North America 13% South America 1.5% Europe 22% Africa 1% Asia 57% Oceania 5%
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Read more CIS's dancing queen By Lavanya J, grade 8 Congratulations to grade 8 student Lavanya J and her team for winning first place in this year’s World of Kidz dance competition. We catch up with Lavanya to find out more. Read more DP visual arts exhibition - a beautiful connection By CIS Communications What is it like to be a third culture kid? CIS graduate, Anushka S, expressed her heartfelt thoughts on this subject through a series of artwork for last year’s DP (Diploma Programme) visual arts exhibition and it was stunning, to say the least. We caught up with the talented young lady to find out more about the driving force behind her artwork. Read more Grade 10s learn how to be future-ready in career talk By Saima Ahmed, CIS parent What will tomorrow look like for today’s student? Since they will work in jobs that don’t yet exist, tackle challenges that we don’t yet understand and experience opportunities we can’t yet imagine - it’s important for CIS to equip its students with the knowledge and skills needed to adapt and navigate the world as it changes. Saima Ahmed, CIS parent, explains how a career exploration talk for grade 10s has helped to do so. Read more Grade 3-1 head to the moon! By Laura Coulter, TK grade 3 teacher As part of their inquiry for the PYP (Primary Years Programme) unit Sharing the Planet, TK grade 3 teacher Laura Coulter took her class on a mission to the moon with a First LEGO League Jr challenge. Read on to find out how this dynamic teaching approach resulted in one of the richest inquiries of the year.
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