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Read more An electrifying start to the school year By Tonia Whyte Potter-Mal, PYP Coordinator, Tanjong Katong Campus In our modern and global world, it is a genuine challenge to consider the response to the question “What would we do without electrical energy?” At recent ‘invitations to learning’ for parents, Grade 3 students explored and navigated the unique and important features of electrical energy at different learning centres. Read more From coping to thriving By Phil Meehan, TK Counsellor ​The first counsellor’s chat at TK has been a success with thirty parents’ participation. The focus of the session was on how to help our children thrive; more to the point, on what parents can do more or less of, to help their children thrive. Read more A field trip to Tioman Island By Michelle Lee, Nur Karadayi, and Piers Tainsh - DP science and geography teachers and Marie-Claire Jalaguire DP geography student and Sundaram Sakthi Kumar DP science student Field work in the DP presents a unique opportunity to actively apply classroom learning. Our grade 12 geography, biology and environmental systems and societies (ESS) students spent a week on Tioman island (Malaysia) in September to do just this. Read more Children discover a new genre in Author Week By Melissa Cooper, Lakeside Teacher Librarian Award winning children’s author, Emilie Buchwalk’s words ring true with both parents and educators. Books are the springboard for conversations about family, friends and places we have seen, and studies have shown, children who read or discuss books with their parents will perform better academically (Kloosterman, 2011).