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Read more Portraits of kindness By CIS Communications Who would have thought that a simple portrait could make someone so happy? As an extension of CIS’s visual arts programme, secondary students had the opportunity to participate in a meaningful CCA called the Memory Project. This CCA sees students creating and donating portraits to disadvantaged youth around the world. We speak with Liz Sarich, visual arts MYP teacher, to find out more. Read more Learning all about plants - a grade 2 Open Minds class By CIS Communications A community that learns together stays together. As part of their "Sharing the planet" unit on how plants are central to sustaining life on earth, grade 2-1 students invited parents to join an Open Minds visit, so parents could be part of the learning process. Everyone learnt all about plants and how different types of soil affect their growth. Read more Kiki K., alumna 2010: "Everyone should be able to make the decision that is best for them" By Lucile Jaillais, Communications specialist Kiki graduated from CIS in 2010, and, unlike most of her friends, she decided not to go to university but to launch her business immediately. Nine years on, let’s find out how this has turned out. Read more AWARE: zero sexual violence By CIS Communications CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) provides students with self-directed opportunities to collaborate, help society, and balance the academic requirements of the DP. Grade 12 student, Nia S, who for CAS worked with AWARE, talks to us about why she chose this particular gender equality advocacy group.
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