Le café at TK

By Nandini Jhaveri, French lead teacher (TK)

TK recently saw the opening of a new “cafe” on campus but who was responsible for it? Nandini Jhaveri, French lead teacher, tells us all about it. Read full story 18 December 2018 (...) 0 comments

Earthquake hits grade 4 pod at Lakeside

By Erin Bird, grade 4 teacher (Lakeside)

Early one Tuesday morning, Lakeside grade 4 students arrived at school and found their pod in a state of chaos and disarray. Erin Bird fills us in on how this unexpected event ‘jolted’ students into constructing meaningful inquiries, and how the process helped them gain a deeper understanding of how natural disasters shape communities. Read full story 12 December 2018 (...) 0 comments

Mud buddies at TK

By Kate Polychronopoulos, TK Pre-K teacher

Playing in the mud kitchen at TK is both fun and educational, but what if you could explore the space with an ‘older’ buddy? It might open up a whole new world of discoveries. Kate Polychronopoulos, TK Pre-K teacher, shares how students in Pre-K and grade 2 have worked together to create an unforgettable learning experience. Read full story 7 December 2018 (...) 0 comments