When opportunity knocks

By Dominique D, grade 9

Opportunities can appear on our doorstep at any time, and if you have an open mind and seize the day, you just might discover something you love. This was certainly the case for Dominique D in grade 9. Read full story 28 November 2019 (...) 0 comments

Grade 6 student snags first place in swimming championship

By CIS Communications

At CIS, we provide our students with a wide range of opportunities for sporting development throughout the school year. One such activity is swimming, and Ivan M, a grade 6 student who placed first in 3 events during the SNAG (Singapore National Age Group) swimming championships this year, is among a group of talented swimmers who represent CIS. We catch up with him to find out more. Read full story 15 July 2019 (...) 0 comments

TK’s successful season 3

By Fabio Davide Dogliotti, TK sports coordinator

It’s been a fantastic season 3 for TK, thanks to our young Huskies’ hard work and their parents’ warm support. Fabio Davide Dogliotti, TK sports coordinator, highlights the winners of the season. Read full story 11 June 2019 (...) 0 comments