U16 girls’ netball team plays with the right attitude

By Bitasta M, CIS parent

Our U16 girls’ netball team faced some tough opposition during the recent South East Asia (SEA) netball tournament. However, thanks to their remarkable team spirit and grit, the girls gained recognition, learned some valuable lessons, and created a new goal for the next season. Bitasta M, a CIS parent, tells us more. Read full story 2 April 2019 (...) 0 comments

Grade 7 Fleur's dual victories

By Fleur Jolie H, grade 7

Join us in congratulating grade 7 student, Fleur H, on securing two well-deserved victories in a single weekend. Fleur, secured top place in the Metasprint duathlon, and along with her teammates, secured gold in a 4 X 400m relay. We spoke with Fleur to learn how she managed this feat. Read full story 1 April 2019 (...) 0 comments

Lakeside’s U12 boys’ football team captured gold

By Denton Jones, Interim Head of Sports

Thanks to a strong offence and defence, Lakeside’s U12 boys’ football team captured a hard won victory during the German European School Singapore (GESS) hosted Volkswagen Cup football tournament. Denton Jones, Interim Head of Sports, reflects on the tournament. Read full story 12 March 2019 (...) 0 comments