Noa is Berklee bound

By Ela Gursel

When talent meets hard work and determination, success becomes inevitable. Such was the case for CIS Grade 12 Music student, Noa Boon, who has been awarded the renowned Berklee School of Music’s highe... Read full story December 7, 2016 (...) 0 comments

Le Croustillant

By Ela Gursel

Grade 10 students' first French magazine of the year. Enjoy reading about new technologies, friendship, parent-child relations and much more... all in French! Read full story December 7, 2016 (...) 0 comments

Movie making explored

By by Ara(thanja)Pahlawan, Grade 7 Student

Grade 7s begin the year immersing themselves in short stories. Turning their mini story into a video was a new way for students to integrate technology and celebrate writing in a different medium. Read full story November 20, 2016 (...) 0 comments
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