Behind the camera: a student’s story

By Ryan Huang, grade 9

What is it like to view the world through a camera lense? Ryan Huang, Lakeside grade 9 student, reveals the challenges involved in being part of the Live Video Crew - a school club helmed by secondary teacher Mr Philip Roberts. Read full story 18 December 2018 (...) 0 comments

Sustainability: Evaluation of UN food festival stalls

By Leonor De Mendonca, grade 8 (Lakeside)

Did you know that while the Lakeside community had a delicious time at the UN food festival, a team of students from Green Machine were evaluating the sustainability of each stall? Leonor De Mendonca (grade 11) tells us all about this wonderful green initiative. Read full story 11 December 2018 (...) 0 comments

Going vegan - a CIS student’s perspective

By Selin Tetiker, grade 11 (Lakeside)

What were the reasons that made Selin, a grade 11 student from CIS Lakeside, decide to go vegan? Read on as she shares her perspective on the often debated topic. Read full story 7 December 2018 (...) 0 comments