Project Dignity

By CIS Communications

Maintaining dignity and autonomy can be a challenge for the elderly, especially in an institutional setting. To address this issue, our grade 9 students created a series of practical clothing protectors to safeguard elderly residents’ clothes during mealtimes, allowing them to maintain a sense of dignity and composure. This is one of the authentic projects, addressing real needs, in our MYP Design course. Read full story 15 November 2019 (...) 0 comments

Making the world a better place for shelter dogs

By Juliane Herold, TK SK teacher

Meet Whittaker - a TK SK student who is making the world a better place with his kind heart and selflessness. Juliane Herold, TK SK teacher, tells us more. Read full story 15 May 2019 (...) 1 comment

A teaching mission

By Shanaya S. (grade 8) and Shreya M. (grade 9)

Students usually get some well-deserved rest from their studies during spring break but Shanaya S (grade 8) and Shreya M (grade 9) chose to spend it in a Tibetan Buddhist nunnery in India. Let’s hear from the girls about what inspired them to visit India over the break. Read full story 10 May 2019 (...) 1 comment