Portraits of kindness

By CIS Communications

Who would have thought that a simple portrait could make someone so happy? As an extension of CIS’s visual arts programme, secondary students had the opportunity to participate in a meaningful CCA called the Memory Project. This CCA sees students creating and donating portraits to disadvantaged youth around the world. We speak with Liz Sarich, visual arts MYP teacher, to find out more. Read full story 18 April 2019 (...) 0 comments

Aladdin Jr gets the royal treatment

By Shanhong Hughes, musical director

The Lakeside grade 5 musical production, Aladdin Jr, in January 2019 was nothing short of spectacular. Students and teachers took us on a magic carpet ride, and reminded us why this story is a classic popular across the generations. Shanhong Hughes shares more. Read full story 8 April 2019 (...) 0 comments

Emotions in motion at TK

By Sierra Laderoute and Kelly Karges (TK drama teachers)

What did primary students from TK, Lakeside and across Singapore learn about emotions during the 3-day ISTA Drama Festival hosted by TK? Sierra and Kelly, TK drama teachers, talk about this emotionally rich learning experience that engaged imaginations. Read full story 11 March 2019 (...) 0 comments