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Student wellbeing

Student wellbeing

In primary school, our homeroom teachers are responsible for ensuring each child has the level of pastoral and emotional support they need, while in secondary school, advisory teachers, who students meet with each morning, are responsible for the delivery of a dedicated pastoral care programme. Advisors also assist students with goal setting, time management, exam practise and study skills.

As we currently have procedures in place to safeguard against COVID, please review the additional procedures on this page.

Our dedicated student support and well-being team consists of a school psychologist, counsellors, learning support teachers, university advisors and our school nurses.

Jamila Macarthur

Head of Student Support and Well-being
Whole school

Dianne Que

Psychometrician & LS IA
Whole school

Nina Taskin

Social / emotional counsellor Lakeside Primary
Junior Kindergarten, Grades 1, 3, 5

Suzie Shih

Social / emotional counsellor Lakeside Primary
Nursery, Senior Kindergarten, Grades 2, 4, 6

Jennine Ballew

Social / emotional counsellor
Lakeside Primary
Grades 4 to 6

Jane Falkiner

Social / emotional counsellor Lakeside Secondary
Grades 7 & 8

Ron Drisner

Social / emotional counsellor Lakeside Secondary
Grades 9 & 11

Kristy Finlay

Social / emotional counsellor Lakeside Secondary
Grades 10 & 12


The team, who meet with students individually as necessary, run programmes across the school year to help students develop the skills and strategies needed to proactively manage their own well-being. These include:

  • Sunshine visits with a counsellor. Designed for new students, these visits help students understand who to go to for support, and help our counsellors monitor how students are adapting to their new environment. Primary students meet as a group, so they’re introduced to other new students in their grade.
  • Weekly meetings with teachers and the student well-being committee to monitor students’ individual goals and/or progress.
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