As part of a campaign to reduce waste, Sodexo commissioned a jumbo 3D cup to encourage the Lakeside school community to bring their own mug to school. Since a blank canvas is an art piece waiting to happen, Cholan Mariappan decided to reach out to the primary school division to find young artists to paint the cup. Lisa Little, primary visual arts teacher for grades 4 to 6, knew that Yuka Koide ran her own Art Club with fellow grade 5 students during recess and thought that this little group of young artists would be the perfect fit.

“I chose this group of students because I know they have a passion for art. I have been very impressed with the girls’ creative ideas and commitment to the project. For over a month, they came to the art room during recess to complete the painting. They worked independently and enjoyed the opportunity to be creative,” Lisa told us.

With the help of some volunteers, Yuka, Anna (Zhiyin) Li, and Monica (Xiyuan) Zhang worked on the jumbo cup diligently. They did a large amount of research and created their design from scratch. Congratulations girls on your dedication, effort and the end result! Your final product is simply gorgeous.

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