The Association for Music in International Schools (AMIS) is an international organisation dedicated to the promotion of excellence at all levels of music education. To further this goal, AMIS sponsors annual music festivals for students from over 100 international schools. CIS partners with AMIS to give its talented and highly motivated music students the opportunity to perform at these prestigious events.

Last October, Grade 8 student Daigo Mimuro was among many of the distinguished student musicians who auditioned for the AMIS Middle School Honor Orchestra festival. Secondary school music teacher Tom Anderson supported Daigo through the process as he sought a spot on the stage at this prestigious event, which was held in February.

After a highly competitive audition process, Daigo was selected as 4th violinist among 41 talented violinists who were chosen to participate. Student musicians had the opportunity to rehearse with Stephen Venema, guest conductor and violinist, for 3-5 hours across three consecutive days leading up to the big concert.

Daigo, who has been playing violin for 8 years, told us about his AMIS experience: “It was my first time participating in AMIS this year…. It was an honour to play with such skillful players, and it was indeed a motivating environment to play violin. During the four day event, we had two concerts. We worked so hard to prepare and to perform in sync as an orchestra. Fun group activities helped make us a real team, and understand how to work together.

Leading up to the competition, I stayed with a host family along with two other orchestra members from China. It was an amazing experience to make new friends and prepare for a real concert outside of school. It is difficult to imagine my achievement without Mr Anderson's help. He was very diligent in the preparations and supported me throughout the entire process.”

When we asked Daigo about his biggest challenge, he said “playing in sync with other violins as well as other instruments…It was my very first experience to play violin in an orchestra. At first, I actually struggled quite a lot to play pieces with a fast tempo, but I overcame this challenge by practicing a lot and getting along with other players as friends.”

What an amazing musical learning experience! Congrats to Daigo who is looking forward to participating in the AMIS High School Honor Orchestra next year.

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