Last year I started an initiative with my TK grade 3 students where we collected clothes, shoes, books and toys. These were then sent to an orphanage in South Africa. This year, SK2B and SK3B also wanted to do their part. This made Pippa, head of the orphanage, very excited and happy.  

The SK2B and SK3B students took only a few days to collect four large boxes of clothes, books, toys and shoes. Some of the items, donated by our very generous SK students, were brand new! Throughout the entire process, students were buzzing with excitement - especially after seeing the photos from last year’s charity drive. In fact, they couldn’t wait to finally ship their boxes off to South Africa!

On top of that, our wonderful parents secretly raised over S$1000 to help us with the shipping fees. I’m very glad to be part of such an amazing community with children who make a difference in our world from a very young age.

Well done, SK2B and SK3B students!

Update (4 October 2018):

We recently received a heartfelt thank you note from Pippa, head of the orphanage. Good to know that our efforts were rewarded with such beautiful smiles from the children!


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