On 21 November, 240 Grade 6 students from TK and LKS descended on the CIS Secondary school for a day of fun and learning. This so-called ‘Transition Day’ is designed to provide Grade 6 students with an experience of what it’s like to be in Secondary School.

The day started with a welcome from Mr Radojkovich, Secondary School Principal, followed by a tour of Lakeside so students could familiarise themselves with Secondary learning spaces. This was followed with an invitation to experience some of the great things that make CIS what it is; an awesome place to learn.

Our Grade 6s had a taste of each of the subject areas - Science, Physical Education, Individuals and Societies, Language and Literature, Design and Technology and Arts. In science, students got to experience working in a lab where they discovered what the sublimation of carbon dioxide was and how that led to the production of methane gas. All these experiments ended in a spectacular show of Super Hero powers from the teachers!

The Physical Education department gave students the opportunity to experience a variety of games which was not only lots of fun, but also a great workout to get fit. Individuals and Societies saw the use of IT in the classroom taken to another level with interactive quizzes and google expeditions.

Language and Literature sought out their inner detective with a smart murder mystery / whodunnit. This presented students with many questions and dilemmas which they duly addressed and allowed some to solve the mystery.

In Design and Technology, Mr Sergi and Dr Yates invited the students to a culinary challenge where no technology was allowed: no wood metal and no CAD work. The challenge was set to design and construct a tower, strong enough to support a marshmallow; made only of spaghetti. Some ingenious and innovative designs turned into exceptional constructions and the task was completed on a sweet note by eating marshmallows.

Arts and Technology don’t mix, do they? Yes, they do! The students were charged with designing and making their own DrawBot- an art robot with the drawing capabilities of Picasso and the ingenuity of a CIS student. Armed with their imagination and friends’ support, the students played in their own slow motion picture in the Hollywood inspired drama room. TK students were excited to be introduced to grade 7 classes on Lakeside campus.

During lunch, it was clear that lessons had been embraced and spirits were high. Stories about what students had done were flowing like water in a river. They excitedly shared their tales and talked about how ‘Cool’ they found their subjects and their teachers.

This day proved that learning and fun can go hand in hand, and I would like to offer a huge thanks to all of the teachers who provided such valuable insights into CIS Secondary. Special thanks to our Grade 6 students as well - their enthusiasm for learning and our school was simply awe inspiring.

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