Building homes, hope and community!

By Laura Coulter, TK grade 3 teacher

How do you spend your time during school breaks? Laura Coulter, a grade 3 teacher from TK, used her 2-week March break to travel to Jordan on a volunteer mission for her 12th build with Habitat for Humanity. Let’s hear all about it from her. Read full story 4 July 2018 (...) 0 comments

Aditya obtains international chess rating

By CIS Communications

Once again, grade 5 student Aditya has outdone himself to achieve international chess rating in rapid and standard chess from the FIDE - World Chess Organisation. Here’s what he had been up to so far. Read full story 5 June 2018 (...) 0 comments

Of Chinese Culture & Mid-Autumn Festivities

By Victoria Zhang, TK grade 2 teacher

In September 2017, grade 2 Chinese English bilingual students from TK performed at the Jurong Spring Multi-Racial Mid-Autumn Festival. TK teacher, Victoria Zhang, tells us all about it. Read full story 27 April 2018 (...) 0 comments