Spartan racing is a sport where participants have to complete a variety of challenges over an obstacle course that’s 5 to 21 km. Grade 11 student, Chezven Cheah, has been participating in these races for nearly 2 years. He participated in his first Singapore race in 2017 after he was inspired by his father’s significant fitness transformation journey towards the end of 2016.

Depending on the distance, participants may have to complete up to 45 different obstacles or challenges during the race. Your body and mind need to work together as obstacle races require physical and mental endurance. To finish a race, you must clear obstacles that require body strength and go through extensive running distances on irregular terrain. As a participant, you have to keep pushing no matter what. That’s why having a strong mental discipline is important.

In 2018, Chezven competed in the South East Asian series of the race under the 14 to 17 year old category. It took place across four different countries (Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia), which meant that Chezven had to travel all around South East Asia! After competing in multiple races, he managed to accumulate enough points to come in first place for his age category. He also won a cash prize, so congratulations Chezven!

Reflecting on his Spartan Race journey, Chezven encourages everyone to try out the competition at least once in their life. You not only get an opportunity to exercise and step out of your comfort zone, you will also make new friends with people you may not have met otherwise!

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