On 7 and 8 February, our Grade 3 students performed an exciting and colourful musical revue of ‘Mary Poppins’ for parents, students and the school community. All of Grade 3 was involved in this production: students, homeroom teachers and arts specialists. Our performers enthusiastically showcased their talents, and everyone’s efforts contributed to a great performance.

Our production was student driven in a very real sense. We used our co-curricular activity time to prepare for the show. Each student drew on their creative skills in order to help organise one of a variety of tasks for the performance, including the creation of costumes and sets, advertising the show, taking photographs of rehearsals, as well as making music, and dancing and performing. Students collaborated and showcased the value of teamwork throughout the entire process.

Every student was involved in this performance, with everyone on stage singing and dancing. This required lots of confidence, and our students were dedicated. They memorised lyrics, practiced their choreography, and cooperated with each other to perform each song as a team.

After all our hard work, the performance was a hit! It was a big team effort, and we are all very proud of our accomplishments.

A few comments from the students:

“I created black silhouettes and umbrellas for the sets. I liked painting the umbrellas and singing chim chim cher-ee on stage. Learning the words of the songs was challenging. It felt really nice that everyone could see me on stage in the final show!”

-Xinlin, 3-6

“I liked acting in the show because it’s really fun to be on stage. I liked that there were a lot of people watching us. I really liked the whole show! I found it challenging to remember everything that we had to do on stage but I think we did a good job in the end.”

-Nathan, 3-5

“I liked being able to play songs on my violin and sing Supercalifragilistic with my class. I liked seeing all of the acting and watching the chimney sweep dance. I’m very sure lots of people in the audience said WOW!”

-Vicky, 3-4

If you were able to attend one of our performances, we hope you enjoyed the magic of Mary Poppins!

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