Our TK sports year has ended for our young Huskies. All athletes achieved excellent results and goals. As always, parent participation was marvellous. Parents joined coaches and supervisors, and encouraged our young athletes to never give up and to have fun while trying their very best.

At our 20 May 2019 sports awards ceremony, we honoured the following athletes:

U8 soccer:

  • Coach awards: Floor De M and Arjun K

  • Most valuable player (MVP): Charlie K and Zygmund H

U12 girls’ soccer:

  • Coach awards medal: Ana Pavon G

  • MVP: Viola T

U12U boys’ soccer:

  • Coach awards: Charlie P

  • MVP: Sotaro T

Track & field:

  • Yu-Hsuan H

  • Elena S

  • Misheel J

  • Isaac M

  • Antoni S

  • Imran H

ACSIS track & field final championship for U9 girls’ long jump:

  • Elena S (bronze)

Congratulations to all, and I wish all Huskies a great holiday. We’ll see each other soon for a year of sports adventures in 2019-2020. Go Huskies!

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