Poems from the heart

By Divyank Sharma, grade 9

Grade 9 student, Divyank Sharma, bares his soul through a couple of poems from the heart. Read full story 29 January 2019 (...) 0 comments

Dodgeball Domination week

By Shashwat Amar Parikh (grade 11) and Kush Tummala (grade 9), grade representatives of the student council sports committee

Sports are a crucial part of a student's growth and development, which is why the secondary school student council sports committee makes it an important part of their strategic plan to encourage sports participation with activities like the recent dodgeball tournament held on 16 and 17 January. Let’s hear it from Shashwat and Kush, on why the student council sports committee decided to host the event. Read full story 29 January 2019 (...) 0 comments

CIS’s Chezven places first in Spartan Race!

By Angelina Mable (grade 10) and Sophie Valleteau (grade 11)

After being inspired by his father’s 2016 fitness transformation journey, grade 11 Chezven Cheah started participating in Spartan races. Although an obstacle course can present both mental and physical challenges, this did not stop our secondary student from coming in first in the South East Asian series of the race last year. Angelina and Sophie give us the lowdown on his inspirational journey. Read full story 24 January 2019 (...) 0 comments