How to prepare for the IB DP programme - a student’s take

By Pratham Ranjan and Max Naylor, grade 11

Preparing for the IB Diploma (IB DP) Programme? Then read on as grade 11 students Pratham and Max provide some learning tips based on their personal experiences. Read full story 1 March 2019 (...) 1 comment

Grade 10 sports safety advocate for brain injuries

By Michelle Petersen, grade 10

Being one of CIS’s shining stars in contact rugby means that grade 10 student Michelle Petersen is no stranger to sports-related injuries. That’s why, for her personal project this year, Michelle has chosen to explore the topic of sports-related concussions in order to propose a standard concussion protocol for PE teachers and coaches. Read full story 28 February 2019 (...) 0 comments

Benefits of Muay Thai

By Elliot Chan and Emaad Alam (grade 11)

What is Muay Thai and why is it beneficial for us? Grade 11 students Elliot Chan and Emaad Alam tell us more about the globally popular combat sport. Read full story 31 January 2019 (...) 0 comments