Building homes, hope and community!

By Laura Coulter, TK grade 3 teacher

How do you spend your time during school breaks? Laura Coulter, a grade 3 teacher from TK, used her 2-week March break to travel to Jordan on a volunteer mission for her 12th build with Habitat for Humanity. Let’s hear all about it from her. Read full story 4 July 2018 (...) 0 comments

WasteWatch x LeanPath programme on Food Waste

By CIS Communications

According to the National Environment Agency, food waste accounts for 10% of the total waste generated in Singapore—which is a lot, if you think about it. That’s why Sodexo introduced the WasteWatch powered by LeanPath programme, an initiative to track food waste from the kitchen and students’ plates. This increases awareness of just how much food we throw away on a daily basis at Lakeside, and helps us take action to reduce it. We caught up with Cholan Mariappan from Sodexo to find out more. Read full story 8 June 2018 (...) 0 comments

Making the world a better place with Food from the Heart

By Kendra Jones, Lakeside grade 3 teacher and community outreach coordinator

As a school community, CIS has always believed in taking action to make the world a better place. Grade 3 students at Lakeside truly embodied this belief when they organised a food drive with Food from the Heart to reach out to the less fortunate people in Singapore. Kendra Jones tells us all about the charity initiative. Read full story 5 June 2018 (...) 0 comments