TK PTA president boxes. For charity!

By CIS Communications

From beach cleanups to advocating the use of metal straws, our TK community take their roles as responsible global citizens seriously. Now Jamie Thibideau, our TK PTA president, is stepping up with a mission of her very own—to raise money for a children’s surgical centre in Cambodia via the White Collar Boxing challenge. We chat with Jamie to find out more. Read full story 2 October 2018 (...) 0 comments

Starting a green school year with Sodexo

By CIS Communications

The Red Dot Cafe by Sodexo is always on the lookout for greener options to reduce waste and this time, the highlight is on their compostable disposable cups and ‘Bring Your Own Mug’ initiative. We speak with Vijayendra, Sodexo’s newly appointed cafe manager, to find out more. Read full story 28 August 2018 (...) 0 comments

The untold story of 3 little pigs

By CIS Communications

We all know the story about the three little pigs, but what if they had a little sister? We chat with Wendy Tian, a grade 1 bilingual teacher from TK, who decided to give the much-loved tale an interesting spin, and in Chinese, no less! Read full story 20 August 2018 (...) 1 comment