Luc V., alumnus 2009: “I personally flew my mum and wife to Belarus on the Airbus A320.”

By Lucile Jaillais, Communications Specialist

As a teenager, Luc’s dream job was to become a pilot for a major airline. In 2010, after graduating from CIS, he moved to New Zealand to start an intensive 3-year Bachelor of Aviation. Where did that take him? How has he worked to make his dream come true? Read full story 10 May 2019 (...) 1 comment

Floris W., alumnus 2018: “I want to be able to play a part against global warming with my career”

By Lucile Jaillais, Communications Specialist

Floris, Class of 2018, moved back to the Netherlands last summer after graduating. Passionate about business economics and environmental issues, he shares what field he decided to go into. Read full story 30 April 2019 (...) 1 comment

Kiki K., alumna 2010: "Everyone should be able to make the decision that is best for them"

By Lucile Jaillais, Communications specialist

Kiki graduated from CIS in 2010, and, unlike most of her friends, she decided not to go to university but to launch her business immediately. Nine years on, let’s find out how this has turned out. Read full story 12 April 2019 (...) 0 comments