One emerging athlete at a time

Welcome to CIS

Join us at our open house to learn how we can support your child's aspirations and dreams. You will learn about our curriculum, our ethos, and programmes - including our STEAM and bilingual programmes, and tour the school to see learning in action.

     ATHLETE at a time.

At CIS, we believe that providing each student with a wide range of opportunities to thrive and succeed is the key to their success. To deliver on this belief, we:

  • offer a world-class curriculum delivered in the IB framework
  • take learning beyond the classroom, connecting it to the real world
  • thoughtfully design learning spaces that stimulate thinking
  • develop world-class facilities to build passions and skills
  • develop a network of outstanding faculty, alumni, and community experts to drive connection and understanding

Our job is to ensure that we prepare students for their next steps - whatever they may be - and equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to adapt to and navigate a changing world.

We look forward to seeing how and where their journey evolves, one emerging athlete, scientist, artist or entrepreneur at a time.

Preparing your child for a changing world.

Highly qualified teachers

With over 290 qualified teachers, from over 34 countries, we are perfectly positioned to deliver on our vision to students aged 2 to 18. We believe that the diversity of our teaching body is important as we deliver a curriculum, not exclusively Canadian, that draws from the best curricula globally.

Parent testimonial

We wanted a school that not only has an outstanding academic reputation, but also one that offers an inclusive and supportive environment, a welcoming community, great facilities and outdoor learning. Another important factor was that there are students from 70 different nationalities. With an emphasis on global citizenship, CIS is truly unique.

Bosch family (Netherlands),
CIS parents since 2017 grade 6 and grade 9 parents