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Checklist TK Primary School
Tanjong Katong primary orientation (Monday 6 January 2020) checklist.

New families meet homeroom teacher and tour school
Parents & students

Grade level When Where
Nursery to grade 5 2-3pm Homeroom classroom
To check teachers' names / locations, please select your child's grade level.
Class Teacher Building Room
TKN1 / N2 Samantha Mackie (lead) B B102
Class Teacher Building Room
TKPK1 HD Jessica Robertson B B101
TKPK2 FD Jessica Robertson B B101
TKPK3 HD Marwa Abdelhaleem C C101
TKPK4 FD Marwa Abdelhaleem C C101
Class Teacher Building Room
TKJK1 Amanda Saunders B B105
TKJK2B Nandini Banerjee B B104
TKJK3B Yuehua Lu B B103
Class Teacher Building Room
TKSK1 Pritika Chandiramani (SK Lead) B B111
TKSK2B Lily Zhang B B110
TKSK3B Sara Mastroianni B B109
TKSK4 Jemima Mittra B B112
TKSK5B Kylie Broomhall (English) / Yang Yi Lin (Chinese) B B108
Class Teacher Building Room
TK101 Bindu Bajaj B B208
TK102B Elisa Cottingham (English) B B209
TK103B Wendy Tian B B210
TK104 Louisa Pragasam B B211
TK105 Sandra Friesen B B206
TK106B Ling Ling Bai B B213
TK107B Kari Slipp (Gr 1 Lead - English) B B212
Class Teacher Building Room
TK201 Bill Hendsbee A A203
TK202 Adrian Cahill A A202
TK203 Kim Dohse (Grade 2 Lead) A A201
TK204B Yan MinBin (Chinese) A A301
TK205B Kate Polychronopoulos (English) A A302
TK206B Norah Puchniak (English) A A303
TK207B Li Yingzi (Chinese) A A304
Class Teacher Building Room
TK301 Laura Coulter B B201
TK302 Angela Quisumbing (Grade 3 Lead) B B203
TK303 Jason Humphries B B202
TK304B Lorelie Brokenshire (English) B B205
TK305B Catherine Wang (Chinese) B B204
Class Teacher Building Room
TK401 Kevin Collins (Grade 4 Lead) A A401
TK402 Austin Wellman A A402
TK403 Maureen Kennedy A A403
TK404B Judy Kay (English) / Cui Ying (Chinese) A A404
Class Teacher Building Room
TK501 Murray Kotke (Grade 5 Lead) C C104
TK502 Katie Fisher C C103
TK503B Tanya Dickson (English) / Qing Chen (Chinese) C C102
Class Teacher Building Room
TK601 Kevin Brooks C C106
TK602 Tyler Mckibbon (Gr 6 Lead) C C105
Class Teacher Building Room
English Language Learning (ELL) Sumita Malhotra B B207
English Language Learning (ELL) Alicia Brooks D D104
Learning Support Kirsty Kelly (Lead) D D105
Learning Support Heather Metz D D105
Learning Support / ELL Tanya Dickson D D105
Counsellor Phil Meehan C C107
Class Teacher Building Room
French Nandini Jhaveri (Lead) Cottage E-01
French Virginie Roserat Cottage E-01
Chinese Jane Sun (Lead) C C401
Chinese Xue XiuHong A A1-2
Chinese Chloe Jiang A A1-2
Chinese Zhao, Feinan A A1-2
Chinese Shania Gao A A1-2
Chinese Yan Wei Qian A A1-2
Chinese Xiangyun Diao A A1-2
Class Teacher Building Room
Arts Natasa Markovic D D102
Drama Arianna Pozzuoli D D101
Music Athalya Salim C C301
Class Teacher Building Room
Physical education (PE), Music, Arts, Drama Helene Boiron D D103
Physical education (PE) Sarah Cole (Lead) A PE Office
Physical education (PE) Jamie Yorke A PE Office
Class Teacher Building Room
STEAM/Maker Space Ben Cooperman A A204
Primary information booths

Booths are open between 3pm and 4.30pm. The best time for primary families to visit is after school / teacher visits.

Submit outstanding documents and/or sign your student contract

When Where
3pm - 4.30m Gym
Activities (extracurricular activities and sports)
Learn about season 2 offerings

When Where
3pm - 4.30m Gym
Order meals (nursery to grade 3)
Meet a Sodexo nutritionist
Learn how to use the Campus Online system

When Where
3pm - 4.30m Gym
If you drive
Register your vehicle for campus access and collect a CIS car decal

When Where
3pm - 4.30m Gym
Get connected to CIS systems (parents)

When Where
3pm - 4.30m Gym
Digital literacy
Ask questions about our programme

When Where
3pm - 4.30m Gym
CIS ID cards
Collect your ID cards or submit request forms
New students / parents (excludes grade 4 where cards are collected from teachers)

When Where
3pm - 4.30m Gym
Tuition fee payments

When Where
3pm - 4.30m Gym
iPad configuration
iPad and system set up for students

When Where
3pm - 4.30m Gym
Meet our nurses
Discuss any health issues faced by your children

When Where
3pm - 4.30m Gym
School bus
Organise transportation (Yeap)

When Where
3pm - 4.30m Gym
Buy uniforms
Purchase school uniforms from Lim Meng Keng
Payment by cash, credit card and NETS only

When Where
3pm - 4.30m Gym
Buy PE uniforms, house league shirts, book bags and locks
Purchase from the CIS team
Payment by cash, credit card and NETS only

When Where
3pm - 4.30m Gym

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