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Technical Support Officer (Design and Technology)

Posted 26/07/2019 03:00PM

CIS job description 

Designation: Technical Support Officer (Design and Technology)

Division / department: Secondary School

Location: Lakeside Campus

Reports to: Secondary School Principal

Works collaboratively with: SLL Design, Design Team.

Assigns task to / supervises:  n/a


Key accountability (Main purpose of this job):

This position provides support to school staff and students, acting as a first-line of support and a resource for teachers and students interfacing with tools and technology in secondary Design and Design Technology. 

The person who fills this position must be able to work independently, be intrinsically motivated, highly organized, detail oriented, generate creative solutions, and self-monitoring of personal performance, while focusing on staff and students’ needs, providing solutions in a timely and sensitive manner.

Key Responsibilities

  • Prepare resources and materials for Design lessons and projects, including preparation of demonstration materials and resources, digital equipment and the stocking of classrooms with consumable items and provide guidance to students during lessons as required.
  • Support Design teachers during lessons.
  • Annual and periodic maintenance and servicing throughout the summer and other school holiday periods where the technician is contracted to work.
  • Create and maintain displays to celebrate student work.
  • Install new Design related equipment preparing it for use by staff and students.
  • Ensure Design stores are adequately stocked.
  • Ensure Design machinery, equipment and tools are in good safe working conditions for use at all times
  • Carry out regular preventive maintenance and servicing of all Design resources including risk assessments.
  • Assist in resourcing and purchasing of Design consumables.
  • Organize the good order of the practical Design workspaces and storage facilities.
  • Process Design materials for reuse. 
  • Monitor the cleanliness of Design rooms, the safety of furniture and report any problems in the interests of safety.
  • Advise on the maintenance, use of Design equipment and safety observations.
  • Safely control and store all Design chemicals, flammables and specialized solutions and gases ensuring that current National Health & Safety regulations are adhered to.
  • Work with procurement to facilitate the ordering of Design materials and equipment.
  • Keep stock records, advise on stock control/replacement, receive equipment and materials and maintain an inventory system in Design.
  • Maintain a sign in/ out system for Design equipment under the guidance of Design SLL.
  • Provide first-response technical support, including testing and troubleshooting of Design equipment; contacting vendor support as required.
  • Organise and maintain safe and tidy Design workspaces and carry out regular inventory checks and update inventory and budgetary information.
  • Maintain personal and professional skills, keeping current with industry trends as necessary and share information with the Design team.
  • Participate in Design team meetings as required.
  • Operate IT equipment specific to Design.
  • Liaise with industry contacts related to the operation of Design.


  • Current First Aid certificate.
  • Clear criminal record check
  • Minimum of a diploma  in a related field  preferably with at least 2 years of relevant experience as a school technician.
  • Proficient and confident in the use of workshop machinery for resistant materials including experience using Robotics, CAM and CNC equipment, Laser Cutters, 3D printers and others 
  • Proficient use in a variety of digital equipment. Cameras, touch devices, and others.
  • An open minded outlook as equipment evolves.
  • Ability to be flexible, adaptable, prioritise workload, work independently, use initiative and be a team player with a positive working attitude
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