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School Nurse part-time

Posted 25/01/2021 03:50PM

The Canadian International School is looking for a short-term contract School nurse for its Lakeside campus. This role's core responsibility is to provide medical support for all school-related activities and to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all students, teachers, staff and visitors to the premises through attendance to school safety concerns, allergy and disease control, medical records and maintenance, first aid and emergency procedures


I. Assist in providing first aid or emergency care to sick or injured students

  • Ensure that all medical supplies and equipment needed for first aid and emergency care are available and in working condition in the School Clinic and in the first aid boxes (as per the standard requirement)

  • Assess needs of students who require medical attention via examination, observation, and measuring of vital signs.

  • Administer medical care appropriate to the student's condition or needs

  • Inform parents and school administrators about the student's condition

  • Arrange transfer for student(s) to the Accident/Emergency of the nearest hospital as per the standard procedure.

  • For students who have been conveyed to the hospital, the School Nurse will arrange for the parents or caregivers to meet at the hospital and retrieve the students. The School Nurse will be required to submit a written incident report to the Head of SWELL (Student Support & Well-being) and Principal, outlining the incident which led to the hospitalisation, the treatments received by the students as well as the actions/reactions by the parents or guardians

II. Assess students to detect early signs and symptoms of health problems which may affect learning

  • Monitor students who are frequently absent from school due to health-related problems

  • Monitor students who frequently visit the School Nurse (not due to medical reasons) during school time and inform parents & teachers of your assessment

  • Coordinate with Classroom Teachers to:

a) Observe and report students with unhealthy practices

b) Refer students with fever, rashes or unusual behaviour to the school clinic

d) Report presence of potential hazards in the classroom to the Lead Nurse, Head of SWELL & Principal

d) Motivate students to enhance healthy practices

e) Monitor sanitary and safe environment in the clinic

III. Administer nursing care appropriate to the identified nursing needs of the student

  • Administer medicine and treatments as per the school’s policy

  • Monitor the student's condition in the school clinic before sending the student home or back to the classroom

  • Inform parents verbally or in writing of the nursing care rendered to the student

  • Document nursing care rendered to the student in CPOMS (Comprehensive Pastoral Online Management System)

  • Prepare Individual Health Plan (IHP) for students with severe medical conditions for school administrators and homeroom teachers.

IV. Plan, implement and evaluate health education initiatives for students

  • Conduct health-teaching sessions/assemblies to meet the learning needs of students (for example, topics on personal hygiene, proper nutrition, accident prevention, etc).

V. Monitor and maintain a safe and healthy school environment, in cooperation with the Head of SWELL and divisional Principal

  • Report and recommend to Lead Nurse/School administrators, corrective measures of any findings that need attention

VI. Maintain and submit required records and reports as per guidelines

  • Complete all the prescribed school/insurance forms and submit as per specified date and frequency

  • Report any infectious diseases through CDLens as per MOH guidelines

VII. Responsible for own professional goals and credentials

  • Adhere to Nurse’s Pledge

  • Use IWP (Individual work plan) as a guide to achieve goals

  • Continue professional learning on recent trends and best practices for school health

  • Inform Lead nurse of workshops/courses/recertification of CPR & AED that you wish to attend

VIII. Administration

  • Maintain and update student medical list & immunization records in the School’s Management System (incuding but not imited to iSAMS, My.CIS, CPOMS)

  • Attend staff meetings, participate in performance management arrangements and undertake training and professional learning activities

  • Be aware of school’s policies and procedures

  • Report daily visit numbers to Lead Nurse each month

  • Report major injuries in Workplace, Safety & Health (WSH) Accident & Illness records

IX. Medication policy

  • No medication will be prescribed if requested verbally by a parent, guardian, staff, and/or student

  • The written request for the administration of medication has to be signed by parents and will be kept by the nurse

  • The nurse will call parents to verify medications received if brought in by students (those without forms signed).

  • No form of medication is to be taken by students on his/her own within the school premises.

  • All medication must be taken in the presence of a nurse or teacher during off site school campus.

X. Any other assigned duties by Lead Nurse/Head of SWELL/General Manager/Principals as per the needs of the School.

  • Including but not limited to: undertaking health and safety checks, audits, banned substance tests

  • The needs of the School Nurse’s medical role must take precedence over any other tasks requested of her.

  • Involved with excursion first aid preparation

  • Attend excursion trips as required

Required qualifications and experience

  • Licensed registered nurse with Singapore Nursing Board with yearly certification

  • Experience working as a Registered Nurse, school environment preferred

  • Certified in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

  • Excellent communication skills in English(written & spoken)

  • Communication skills in Mandarin preferred (written & spoken) as the health Coordinator will need to communicate to Chinese speaking parents.

  • Ability to deliver high quality, timely nursing care to all individuals on campus

  • Positive work attitude and initiative. Able to remain calm while working under pressure

  • Possess the ability to work independently, with minimal supervision

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted further.

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