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Music Teacher

Posted 29/11/2023 10:14AM


Reports To: Principal, Vice Principal

Main Working Relationships: Grade Level Team, Learning Lead

CIS staff work together as a team in a spirit of inquiry. The division, grade, subject, or project group team structure is a key feature of the organization of the school. As members of various teams, teachers work to support other members through professional exchange, collaborative and informed decision making, and high quality planning and teaching. This team effort binds the community, builds programme continuity, and ensures equitable access to learning opportunities for our students.

Main Responsibility:

To improve the quality of learning outcomes for students by providing teaching and learning ‘best practices’ within the framework of the school’s Mission, Vision, Core Values, Learning Principles, Culture, and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programmes.

Required Qualifications:

  • A relevant Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

  • A teaching certificate/credential

  • Successful teaching experience

  • Excellent organizational skills

  • Positive communication skills

  • Capacity to work collaboratively as the member of a team

  • Native Chinese speaker for teachers teaching in the Chinese part of the CEB programme and Chinese LAQ teachers.

Preferred Qualification:

  • Training and experience in the International Baccalaureate PYP, MYP, or DP

Curriculum and Instructional Responsibilities:

  • Uses data to inform instruction and to differentiate lessons.

  • Review the relevant CIS Curriculum documents throughout the year.

  • Collaboratively develop and implement unit and long-range plans with team members.

  • Develop and implement short-range plans that reflect students’ knowledge and identify learning outcomes, as mandated by the CIS Curriculum.

  • Conducts formative and summative assessment tasks in collaboration and consultation with team members.

  • Review, edit, and maintain long-range and unit plans in Managebac.

  • Maintain daily/weekly lesson plans in a readily accessible format.

  • Help students thrive in a well-organized learning environment where students’ behaviour and classroom procedures are managed effectively.

  • Create an inspiring learning environment that invites inquiry, innovation and intellectual curiosity.

Professional Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the safety and well-being of all students in accordance with CIS administrative policies and divisional procedures.

  • Know, understand, and support the school’s Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Learning Principles.

  • Participate in all Child Protection training.

  • Participate in the Individual Work Plan (IWP) process:

  • Meet the expectations as outlined in the CIS Teacher Job Description, the CIS Teacher Standards, and the CIS IB Programme Expectations for Teachers.

  • Solicit feedback from parents or students via survey.

  • Develop and implement an Individual Work Plan (IWP) that supports the Division Work Plan (developed from the school’s Strategic Plan).

  • Reflect individually and collaboratively (IWP Meetings with Principal) on the aforementioned components.

  • Provide feedback on the IWP process to school administrators.

  • Be actively involved in the Activities program, in special events (Carnival, Talent Shows, Steam Fair, Exhibition, etc.), and provide co-curricular and / or coaching as required based on skill set

  • Contribute to community building (IWP)

  • Be dependable (be where you are expected to be, complete tasks on time; punctual (arrive at school, meetings, etc. on time); and prepared for class (all materials set up and ready for student arrival; plans readily accessible).

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