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Laboratory Technician

Posted 18/07/2019 02:12PM

CIS job description.


Laboratory Technician

Division / department

Secondary School / Science Department


Lakeside Campus

Reports to

Secondary Science Learning Leader

Works collaboratively with

Secondary Science Learning Leader and Science Teachers

Assigns task to / supervises

Science  Laboratory Preparation Room

Key accountabilities (Main purpose of this job)

The Science Lab Technician will support the science faculty with preparing laboratory experiments, maintaining and supplying the science preparation room and maintaining the laboratories and equipment.

Responsibilities (Key areas of responsibilities):

To coordinate the preparation of resources for practical lessons that meets both the health & safety standards and the requirements of the classes involved, including liaising with teaching staff and support staff outside the department.

  • Preparation of solutions, materials,cultures for living organisms


  • Assembling apparatus.


  • Obtaining materials by local purchase


  • Trialing practical activities

As required

  • Constructing and modifying apparatus.

As required

  • Carrying out risk assessments for technician activities.


  • Assisting in practical classes & carrying out demonstrations.

As required

  • Using initiative to identify areas requiring assistance, without direction, and communicating with staff.


To provide general assistance in the safe storage, transit and accessibility of resources, including helping to:

  • Ensure that stock levels are maintained and future requirements are identified;

  • Ensure the availability of suitable resources;

  • Compile orders and to liaise with suppliers and finance departments as/when required.

  • Delivery of equipment, materials and organisms to rooms.


  • Collection of, cleaning and returning resources to stores in a timely manner


  • Maintaining resources, including routine repairs.

As required

  • Caring for plants/animals


  • Checking stock, Keeping stock records and updating inventory

As required

  • Ordering supplies in a timely manner

As required

To ensure the maintenance of a healthy & safe working environment through:

  • Actively contributing to the assessment, monitoring and review of both health & safety procedures and information resources;

  • Keeping up to date with current procedures and practices through continuing professional development;

  • the provision of technical advice and support on health & safety issues to teaching and trainee technical staff;

  • the safe treatment & disposal of used materials including hazardous substances and responding to actual or potential hazards;

  • the safe treatment, handling and storage of hazardous substances;

  • the healthy & safe storage and accessibility of equipment and materials.

  • Organising and storing resources


  • General cleaning of laboratory bench surfaces and fixed equipment.


  • Cleaning laboratory sinks


  • Cleaning used equipment.


  • Disposing of waste materials and expired chemicals.

As required

  • Keeping up-to-date with health & safety requirements and with developments in practical Science.

As required

  • Organising, storing and checking the condition of chemicals and equipment

As required

  • Attending department meetings.

As required

To annually review the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of the laboratory and all health and safety procedures with the Head of Facility.

To oversee and obtain the registration and renewal of licence on hazardous substance with the relevant government authorities.


  • North American community college equivalent education in experimental sciences with laboratory experience (or local university level is an asset).  Singapore context - minimum Diploma in Sciences (chemistry and/or biology)
  • Must have specialization in chemistry and/or biology (with experience in chemistry)
  • Experience and/or education in physics is an asset
  • WHMIS or equivalent certification
  • Proficient in basic laboratory technology
  • First aid certification is an asset
  • 2 years or more work experience in a Science-related area
  • Initiative, independence, organization and time-management
  • Good knowledge of computers, including use of Internet, Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.
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